August 11th: Faith In Action

We want to provide weekly updates this month to help document all of the actions taken to remember Joshua and also hopefully inspire others!  The first is a memory that was shared with us shortly after Joshua died.  Please continue to send me descriptions of your actions as no act of kindness, compassion, or peacemaking […]

August 5th: Faith In Action (Excerpts From My (Kristi) Journal)

Aug.5th…Excerpts from my (Kristi)journal…Faith In Action “Having the Faith In Action project is helping me immensely to deal with this month in a more positive way, remembering Joshua’s life more than his death and seeing it continue on through the lives of others. Last night I had a rare dream, with Joshua in it. He […]


We wanted to make a slight revision to our Faith In Action project (please read the preceding post) in memory of Joshua during this month of August. We asked that you would consider one act of kindness and compassion or acts promoting peace and justice in your sphere of influence to help continue carrying on […]

Faith in Action: In Memory of Joshua

On August 25, 2012 Joshua passed from this world to the next after a life filled with purposeful actions to help make this world a better place.  It is not unusual or unexpected that he took the confirmation name of James (“faith without works is dead” James 2:17) indicating his great desire to live a life […]

The Joshua Casteel House Dedication

Here are just a few pictures from the dedication of the Joshua Casteel House in Alliance, Ohio.   (1) A picture of the house 2. From the mass   3. A picture of the plaque   4. Pictures of us and the men and women of the Alliance Catholic Worker

Reflections and Updates

It’s very hard to believe that it has been almost two months since Rebekah, Naomi, and I attended the dedication of the Joshua Casteel House in Alliance, Ohio and then myself the IVAW fundraiser in Chicago for the Joshua Casteel Foundation. I intended on writing this reflection of just what wonderful events they both were […]

Need for Graphic/Web Designer

Although still in the beginning stages of starting The Joshua Casteel Foundation, we know we need to hire a graphic/web designer to help us with (1) branding and logo, and (2) building the website for the foundation. If you or someone you know is interested in discussing this potential work, please contact Rebekah Latchis at […]

New Location for this Weekend’s EMPACT Series Benefit

EMPACT Series Benefit (Everyone’s Music Politics Art and Community Throwdown!) A Memorial Day Weekend benefit for the Joshua Casteel Foundation Saturday, May 25th, 8pm @ Multi-Kulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee, 4th floor ::::: Featuring: Al Scorch and the Country Soul Ensemble Four Star Brass Band New Orleans style brass band ALSO ::: TIM ZAWADA spinning […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Because Josh would have been the first to say it, we have the most wonderful Mom!  It is our mom that is now picking up Josh’s legacy of peace and leading us. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! As it is, we remember all Mothers this weekend who choose to take that radical stand against injustice and […]

Memorial Day Benefit: IVAW Chicago

EMPACT Series Benefit (Everyone’s Music Politics Art and Community Throwdown!) A Memorial Day Weekend benefit for the Joshua Casteel Foundation Saturday, May 25th, 8pm @ The Ribcage, 3036 N. Lincoln Avenue, 3rd Floor ::::: Featuring: Al Scorch and the Country Soul Ensemble Four Star Brass Band New Orleans style brass band featuring Veterans Art! […]


Hi all – I just found out that in order to get the plaque created in time for the ceremony on the 18th that I will need to get the names, etc. to the printer by tomorrow. If any of you have sent donations or are planning to send a donation could you please email […]

The Joshua Casteel House: There is Still Time!

Since the time is upon us to begin work on the plaque for the Joshua Casteel House which will include the names of those of you who have donated for it’s new beginning and given so much to Joshua and our family, I wanted to write a reminder to those who want to be a […]

Burn Pits – Important Testimony

A number of articles have been written recently about the testimony of Dr. Stephen Coughlin, a former senior Epidemiologist at the VA. According to Coughlin, the VA has a history of purposefully skewing data and manipulating study results. Importantly, there is data to suggest a linkage between environmental toxins (i.e. burn pits) and illnesses suffered […]

New Beginnings

Reposted from CaringBridge: I feel a great deal of ambivalence as I write for the last time on CaringBridge because it was the place where so much love connected us all to you and you to us as a family. And of course it was a time when Joshua was still with us. So there’s […]

Divinity School Memorial Service

You are cordially invited to gather at the University of Chicago Divinity School, to mourn the loss and celebrate the memory of: Joshua Eric Casteel 1979-2012 Friday, November 9th Memorial Service at 5:00 pm Swift Hall, University of Chicago 1025 E 85th St, Chicago, IL 60637 Third Floor A reception with Joshua’s friends, family, and […]

St. Marcellus Award

I thought I would post the invitation to the St. Marcellus Award recognition event and the mass and dinner held in Joshua’s and my honor coming up soon at Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. if there are any of you who would like to attend. I know timing may be an issue for many […]

Joshua’s Eulogy

Joshua Eric Casteel All Saints Catholic Church 8 September 2012 –This is the culmination of Joshua Casteel’s earthly journey, right now as we have gathered for his Funeral Mass. It is here that we all are plunged into the mystery of our Savior’s death and resurrection as we mourn the death of a man so […]

Finding Peace

Hello Everyone, I know it is late and although I’ve been battling headaches again and I should be sleeping, I just felt unsettled enough that I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep anyways so decided to update those of you who may still check out this site about a few inspiring things that have […]

Memorial Service Details

Friday September, 7, 2012: Wake and Visitation: Cedar Memorial Funeral Home Chapel (near the flower shop), 4200 First Ave, NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 4:00 – 7:00 pm (Wake 4 – 4:30) Saturday September 8, 2012: Memorial Service: All Saints Catholic Church, 720 29th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 10:00 a.m. Luncheon and celebration […]

No More Pain

Yesterday Joshua went home to meet his Heavenly father and to embrace again his earthly father. We miss him with all of our hearts and every ounce of our beings. We cling to the promise that we will see him again. His body is healed and for that we rejoice. When we finalize plans for […]