Wrong Again…Concert Date

Well, I may have succeeded in making my entry short but evidently I still have the date wrong for the concert…Sorry! I need to just let everyone else handle that and concentrate on my responsibilities. Lately I’ve been doing good to just keep up with all the doctor appts. and get out of bed…haven’t felt […]

Brief update…Really!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we did stay home from Chicago this week because of Joshua’s sleeping/tiredness issue. We see the physicians assistant tomorrow and are also checking into an a-pap machine as we’re thinking sleep apnea (which he was diagnosed with in Chicago) may be the culprit. The med (Decadron, which hypes […]

New week, new challenges, new blessings!!!

I’ve been contemplating tonight whether to write or wait a few more days, but I decided too many things can change in a short period of time and that will just make my update longer…and we know that happens easy enough 🙂 As I mentioned in my last update, the week of the great announcement […]

Promised Pics

For some reason I can’t click on these to make them bigger for you, but if they’re hard to see and people want them posted bigger, just leave a comment and I will also post them at a bigger size.

Phase 2 of the Climb…

First of all I want to thank all of you who have responded to Joshua with words of encouragement and letting him know that you are still praying for him. Of course that means the world to him. We are all very thankful for the news of the majority of the known cancer lesions to […]


I forgot to add into my entry some pictures we took last week in Chicago. I’ll as Naomi to do that as they are on her camera.

Announcing: Online Silent Auction

We’re planning an online auction and need your help!  Use your talents – or stuff –  to help raise cash for Joshua!  Two ways you can participate: 1. Consider contributing to the auction.  Do you paint? Record CDs?  Write poetry?  Walk dogs?  Bake bread? Does the business you work for have a product or service […]

A Tribute to and Fundraiser for Joshua in Cedar Rapids

I just wanted to get the word out on Joshua’s site regarding a fundraiser currently being organized on Joshua’s behalf by friends in Cedar Rapids for Saturday, March 24, at 7:30 pm. Joshua’s friend Bobby Colquhoun will be performing a concert at Washington High Little Theater (2205 Forrest Dr SE, Cedar Rapids, IA). Tickets are […]

First of many…

I have been writing this since the moment of my diagnosis. I have been unwriting it for just as long. The morning before I suffered the seizure that fractured my spine it began, “I still have cancer.” Four nights ago it began, “I’m wearing on my fingers seventeen bandages.” Tonight I’ll start with someone else’s […]

Chicago: Fundraising

Well, I am not Joshua, but I have been promised that he is working on an update for everyone!  In the meantime I wanted to pass along contact information for Aaron Hughes, fellow IVAW member and Warrior Writer who would like to work on a fundraiser in Chicago. Aaron is interested in organizing some kind of reading or creative […]

Short update….then Joshua’s…finally!

Hello to everyone who’s on this journey with us! If you’re reading this we thank you because that means you’re still on the path and caring by staying in touch. It seems like awhile since I’ve written…so much happens in a week or two. Our weeks seem rather short as we have the first two […]

Trip #4…And counting (Without Naomi :-(

Just a quick note (really) to let you know we are off to Chicago for the fourth time tomorrow, but without Naomi. Now that means, less fun of course, and Mom driving. So the big Prayer Request is that I will be wide awake and alert. We all know driving long distances is not my […]

Pics from the life of Joshua

So, last week was the 3rd week of Joshua’s class, but only the 2nd trip that I’ve been a part of. It was off to a shaky start when, just as were nearing “go” time, I lifted one corner of the air mattress that Josh would be laying on and both Josh and my mom […]

We’re Still Alive…Just Very Busy!!!

Hello Everyone…Yes, Joshua and I are still alive and kicking but our lives have taken on a very new dimension of busyness since we added in weekly trips to Chicago for him to teach his class. We have gone twice now. The first time he and I went alone, me driving, of course. And he […]

Good News

I wanted to get back to all of you as to how Joshua is doing. His headache was pretty bad all last night until this am. with his strongest pain meds Dilaudid not helping at all. I remembered the Dr. saying he could take Advil (and thinking that would be useless if the other didn’t […]

Important Prayer Request

I just wanted to ask you all to pray for Joshua tonight and in the coming days. This morning he woke up realizing that his neck hurt, as if he’d been sleeping on it wrong and then felt a headache, moderate but there. He went to his swimming PT and said there was a particular […]

New Year…New Doctor…New Schedules…New goals

Hello Everyone, I know it’s been a little while since our last update, but both Joshua and I have been under the weather with the Christmas cold that invaded our house.  He was the last to get it but he hit it quickly with apple cider vinegar and airborne and it never got a major […]

A few Quick Things

Hello Everyone! No, there is no good reason why I am still awake tonight besides I am trying to get things done that have been hanging over my head for some time. It will feel good to have these things out of the way, even though I’ll be tired! First of all, we borrowed a “hot […]


Happy New Year Everyone.  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years’ celebration with your family and friends.  We did.  I hope Naomi posted our ‘Christmas Card’ where everyone can see it…she sent it to  me via e-mail.  I’m assuming she posted it.  Now that was a trick to get all 10 […]