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We wanted to make a slight revision to our Faith In Action project (please read the preceding post) in memory of Joshua during this month of August. We asked that you would consider one act of kindness and compassion or acts promoting peace and justice in your sphere of influence to help continue carrying on the ideals and life that Joshua lived and believed in so strongly. We suggested doing this on or around August 25th, the day that the Lord took him home, and then let us know by posting on this site directly or by sending an e-mail to Rebekah to post of what those actions might be and any responses you might receive, if appropriate, as an encouragement to all who keep up with Joshua’s site and support his foundation.

We would like to suggest, however, that you not wait until Aug. 25th to carry this out or to notify us but rather use the entire month of August to do so and let us know all throughout the month what you have chosen to do or what you plan to do. We will post all of the responses we get on a weekly basis with an example from Joshua’s life as well. Also please feel free to add your own thoughts and commentary. We have already received some e-mails and will be posting the first week’s responses at the end of this week. And please let us know if you would prefer that your name/names not be posted. Otherwise we will share them along with your post and enjoy hearing from the vast community of friends that surrounded Joshua throughout life and his trial.

To all of Joshua’s and our ‘pastor friends’ or those in charge of or directing larger groups of people, we would encourage you to pass along the idea or website to your people in order to help increase the ‘possibility for good’ taking place.

Enjoy reaching out, caring, and loving those around you or doing what you can to promote greater peace and justice in our world. We know that you will be blessed as “it is in giving that we receive”. We look forward to hearing from you.

August 5th: Faith In Action (Excerpts From My (Kristi) Journal)
Faith in Action: In Memory of Joshua

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  1. As an associate member of Veterans For Peace, I attended Joshua’s memorial service and was very touched. Our chapter is planning a week of events September 15-21, in honor of the International Day of Peace-we call it Peace Week. It can be found at our home page,

    Any act of kindness or way that we can spread peace to our brothers and sisters here, and around the world, honors his memory.

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