Get Involved

As you think of Joshua today I hope you will also consider ways that you can continue to help us “fight against evil and pray for healing.” God knows it’s all around us throughout the world and we need healing like never before…at least in our lifetimes!


Host an Event

Volunteer to host a short book promotional event or book discussion group for Joshua’s recently published 2nd edition ‘Letters From Abu Ghraib’.  You’ll receive a personal copy and helpful guidelines on how to organize.


Further the Message

Spread the word about Joshua’s book on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your favorite mode of internet communication is.  Grab a picture of the book and brief description from the book page.


Expansion of the Play

Pray for the success and expansion of ‘Returns, the Opera’ debuting in Yorkshire, England in Sept. 2018 and potentially in Northern England, Denmark, and eventually in the U.S.


Help the Cause

Volunteer to help the foundation in fundraising efforts for the book promotional events and for the Opera and Play.  We will also be looking for venues to take the original play Returns on the road. This will take some expertise in putting together an acting troupe that will be able to travel to different locations and is a big endeavor though not out of reach.  If you have any experience or knowledge in fundraising/grant writing etc. we would love to hear from you and use your expertise.


Every bit Helps

Donate towards any or all of these projects as all of them require a significant investment to continue to get Joshua’s work and message out there.   (With every donation of $50 or more we’ll send you a copy of the new edition Letters From Abu Ghraib)

If anyone has good resource material for the website please consider sending it to us on an ongoing basis… writing of Joshua’s, photos of him with or without you,  recorded talks that he has given, e-mails or letters that reveal his heart and passions or any content that you believe may be of interest on the site.  This might include:   Resource material on the topics surrounding, non-violence, issues of justice and reconciliation, effects of war on individual soldiers, countries and society as a whole, Peacemaking efforts, etc.

Some of you ‘writer and/or professors friends’ of his we know have excellent thoughts on these subjects and we would love receive submissions from you.  This also goes for some of Joshua’s artistic friends.

We’ve received some art already and will attempt to use this on the site with your permission but we would like to see as much creativity as we can in getting out his message of love and mercy championing over violence and war.  And we would also love to receive music or beautiful photography from those of you whose gifts reside there.

As you all know Joshua was an artist at heart and loves all forms of expression to speak to the world and to simply bring joy!  So please, jump in and join us with the offering of your gifts.  Don’t be surprised if you feel a nudge from him.