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August 5th: Faith In Action (Excerpts From My (Kristi) Journal)

Aug.5th…Excerpts from my (Kristi)journal…Faith In Action

“Having the Faith In Action project is helping me immensely to deal with this month in a more positive way, remembering Joshua’s life more than his death and seeing it continue on through the lives of others. Last night I had a rare dream, with Joshua in it. He came to my door and I opened it to find him standing there with that great smile of his. He came in and after we hugged, he looked at me and said, “I have so much I have to do, I have to get to work”. And then I woke up.”

I’ve been reflecting on the dream for a day now. As I started writing in my journal tonight I was thinking about the dream and that although what he said initially seemed somewhat strange for him to convey as soon as he got in the door, I am wondering if it doesn’t make perfect sense that he would say that to me. He does still have much to accomplish. Only ‘how’ he does his work has obviously changed. Thinking about the Faith In Action Project in connection to the dream makes it feel like a confirmation of the importance of the project and the reality of Joshua’s life continuing on in the lives of so many others.

I was and am still so amazed at people’s kind words concerning the impact Joshua made in their lives, even those who only met him briefly. People have told us that he inspired them not only to be better people but live more purposeful lives. So now I wonder if he is not still doing the same thing; if he is not still inspiring, only from heaven and with the power and perfection that comes from being in the presence of God? And I wonder if as we start the Faith In Action project if he won’t still be actively inspiring us to be better people living more purposeful lives? I wonder if in some way he won’t still be encouraging us to love more and pursue peace and reconciliation and justice not only in our own lives but for others?

It only makes sense to me that Joshua would not stop reaching for more nor would he have lost his passion to change the world because he went to be with God. On the contrary, his passion must be increased a hundredfold as he reaches out, still praying for and inspiring us to make a difference, maybe in ways we’ve never thought about. And it’s safe to say, I’m sure, that he is really “in seventh heaven” doing it.

When Jesus was with his disciples He told them, “…and greater works than these will you do when I go to my Father”. I’m suspecting that there is a similar principle that applies to each of His children as they cross over to be with their Father as they too take part in the Spirit’s plan for the lives of those of us left behind to carry on.

So don’t be surprised if you sense his spirit right alongside God’s Spirit moving you to reach out and carry on with your own ‘faith in action’ this month. (And beyond) Again, please post or e-mail us if and when you do. And please don’t feel shy in sharing your actions. It will not only honor Joshua’s desires but it will inspire the rest of us to continue to reach for more and find our own passions that will help us do our part to change the world for the better.

I can’t say for sure that God sent me that dream. But what I can say is that He has used it to encourage and inspire me to attempt to live a life that pleases His Son and honors the life of ‘my son’. I pray that it will do the same for you.

August 11th: Faith In Action

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