Our main ‘Love in Action’ project is working with and supporting the Joshua Casteel House, a ministry of love and caring in very practical ways to neighboring people in Alliance, Ohio. This Catholic Worker House was originally founded by Bishop John Michael Botean and a small group of committed men and women in 2012 and was officially dedicated as the Joshua Casteel House in 2013 . As a foundation we are attempting to support this ministry in as many ways as we can from afar.

Like many other Catholic Worker Houses, they operate out of a small house in a residential neighborhood making themselves available to all those who come to them. At present the main ministry is offering food and fellowship to those who come at designated times, usually once or twice a week. Their structure is by design very organic, like a family, and they encourage the people who come to view it that way, to help out with meals, the caretaking of the house, and to encourage each other, just as any healthy family does. I have seen the ministry in action and it is truly inspiring to see the cooperation, caring relationships between those who run the house and those who come, and the joy experienced by all of them as they help each other in whatever is taking place on any given day, whether it be cooking, setting up for an event, cleaning up, or just sharing about their week, their children, or their jobs…in a phrase “sharing their lives with each other”.

As is usually the case with Catholic Worker Houses, it is all done on a very modest budget depending on donations of food, labor, and monies from those who have something to give. There is a real sense of not only trust in God to provide but trust in each other and gratefulness for what is provided. One cannot visit the house and talk with the volunteers or those who come without walking away feeling humbled and inspired (and maybe even convicted) by the obvious focus on what truly matters in life.

We will be regularly updating and featuring what is happening at the JC House as well as providing information on how we/you can help to meet some of the needs of the ministry, letting you know exactly what those needs are and how you can help.