Welcome! We at the Joshua Casteel Foundation want to welcome you to the ‘official’ launch of the website. We hope you’ll take the time to explore the site, which we hope will be an interesting, thought provoking, and inspiring journey. We also hope to provide enough interesting content to keep you coming back for more! […]

Returns, the Opera: Soon to open in the UK

James Cave, an up and coming musician from Yorkshire, England has been in the process for the last four years of writing an opera based on Joshua’s original play entitled Returns. The play centers around the theme of soldiers returning from war (in particular the Iraq War) attempting to deal with their emotional and moral […]

Letters From Abu Ghraib: Book Review by Jim Forest

Joshua Casteel is one of the most remarkable people I’ve known: writer, playwright, public speaker, an Army veteran and former West Point cadet who became a foe of war and a model Christian. He died five years ago, age 32, of cancer that was probably caused by breathing toxic smoke burned at his base in […]

Military Times: Burn Pits


Let Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Continue To Speak

Last month we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and April 4th will be the 50th anniversary of his assassination, two very important days but obviously for very different reasons. One celebrates his life while the other mourns his senseless and violent death. February, being Black History Month, brings him to mind again and […]

Joshua Casteel House

Our main ‘Love in Action’ project is working with and supporting the Joshua Casteel House, a ministry of love and caring in very practical ways to neighboring people in Alliance, Ohio. This Catholic Worker House was originally founded by Bishop John Michael Botean and a small group of committed men and women in 2012 and […]

Introducing Artem Yatsunov: Director of Returns: Letters From Abu Ghraib

We’d like to introduce Artem Yatsunov. Artem has taken on the project of combining Joshua’s play Returns and his book “Letters from Abu Ghraib” into a new production/workshop. This new production is currently being developed and we will keep this site and our supporters updated prior to its release.  Below is a little more about […]

Happy Birthday Joshua

Today is Joshua’s birthday. In past years we have had celebratory balloon releases or gone out to eat as a family to celebrate his birthday as we would have had he’d been with us. This year I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. But, as it turns out God had something very fitting […]

Letters from Abu Ghraib 2nd edition relaunch events

The University of Chicago The University of Chicago, Joshua’s alma mater for graduate studies , was the site for the first book event promoting Letters from Abu Ghraib, the 2nd edition, which was recently published by Wipf and Stock Publishing House.  The event was moderated by Joseph Clair, professor and Associate Dean of Liberal Arts […]


How do I, a mom of a veteran turned conscientious objector, turned advocate for peace, justice, and non-violence honor our veterans in a way that is consistent with not only his transformed beliefs concerning violence and war but also my own? Showing love and concern for all the men and women who have put their […]

October 2017 Relaunch Events of ‘Letters From Abu Ghraib’ by Joshua Casteel

The first event to be held at the University of Chicago: Divinity School Commons Room October 25, 2017 4:30pm Main event speaker: jim forest from alkmaar, Holland, noted author, theologian, and peace activist Also featured will be a panel reading selections from joshua’s book offering comments and fielding questions and dialogue. Kristi casteel, mother of […]

Five Years … But Who’s Counting!

    Not unlike other years, this August and especially this week has been difficult.  Yes, it has been five years since Joshua passed away but time is pretty meaningless when we lose someone significant in our lives.  Hours at times feel like days, feels like months, feels like years and vice versa. I’m sure […]

August 25th Four Years Later

Each August since Joshua passed has brought with it such a mixture of emotions, memories, and thoughts. And thankfully they are changing and becoming more hopeful and redemptive with each passing year. I have tried to honor him by carrying out some kind of special project each year that expresses love and compassion to others, […]