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Prayer for pain relief…

I just wanted to ask everyone to keep Joshua in your thoughts and prayers right now because his hip, leg and lower back pain have gotten pretty bad. For the first time in quite awhile we’re back on the pain med Dilaudid. And today the DR. encouraged him to go up on the dosage so he can get some relief. Tomorrow is his last day of radiation and it continues to work for about 10 additional days.  So we’re hoping he’ll find some additional relief during those 10 days.

A few days ago we realized that his bed was starting to lean to the right (the side of his back that hurts) from being in it so much, so we turned the mattress. The next day it seemed his back had improved some. So we were encouraged. Then that evening he went to a new massage therapist, because his regular therapist was sick this week, and instead of putting a pillow under him to support his lower back she put a rolled up towel. It was very uncomfortable but he toughed it out only to feel terrible afterwards and then this morning. (I’m not sure why he didn’t just stop the massage but he didn’t and unfortunately paid a big price). It has to be so discouraging for him at times to have so much pain and be able to do so little without hurting. Hence, the Dr’s suggestion to up his pain meds. That always makes us nervous, so I’m praying he won’t have to do that for long…just long enough to get his muscles settled down around the radiated spot. Using a cane also increases the tension on his muscles on his right side. We’re all praying he will improve greatly in the next 3 weeks as we are planning our yearly trip to the North Shore of Minnesota, his favorite place and not only do we want him to be able to go, but to enjoy himself without having to deal with so much pain.

So thanks, just wanted you all to know how he’s doing and what to pray for. We think of you all so often, and wish it was easier to see you…you are all spread all around the country. But we’re very thankful just knowing you’re out there and with us in spirit.

Love to you all,
Kristi and Joshua

PS. Thanks for the “Juice for Joshua” party, Michael. The creativity never ceases to amaze us and it was very thoughtful. I’m glad you could have fun doing it as well.

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  1. Hi Joshua & Kristi, I just wanted to say that I am still out here, reading every single update. I am praying for you tonight Joshua, for pain relief and that you will be granted the gift of visiting the North Shore with your family, in JESUS’ name. I trust that God’s grace will keep surrounding and covering you both every moment of every day, just as His banner of Love does. I am so sorry for the struggle but always remember that you are never alone! You are so loved and surrounded by a company of those of who love you, seen and unseen.
    Lotsa Love, Juli

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