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I just wanted to ask you all to pray for Joshua tonight and in the coming days. This morning he woke up realizing that his neck hurt, as if he’d been sleeping on it wrong and then felt a headache, moderate but there. He went to his swimming PT and said there was a particular move with his arms that caused his headache to worsen. He took a nap this afternoon and we were going to go pick up my car and he said his headache was worse and didn’t feel like going. I called Naomi to come be with him while I went to get the car. Methadone wasn’t cutting it so I called the doctor and they said to watch for additional signs over the weekend and call back Monday. I told them he hasn’t had headaches since we’ve been home and if he still has a bad one tomorrow I’m going to call them. BUT, I’m praying that won’t be necessary and if it really is from sleeping wrong the headache and pain in his neck will go away. So that’s the request…pray that whatever it is that God will intervene. It’s all right at his C-2 vertebrae at the base of his head, so it’s really unnerving. Thanks so much everyone, I’ll keep you posted. Oh, we’re supposed to go to Chicago Monday for his first session at Columbia, not great timing! This really is a ‘battle’.

Love to you all,

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