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Hello Everyone! No, there is no good reason why I am still awake tonight besides I am trying to get things done that have been hanging over my head for some time. It will feel good to have these things out of the way, even though I’ll be tired!

First of all, we borrowed a “hot spot” from someone to give us internet access and I thought I knew who it was from. Turns out I have absolutely no idea where it cam from, but I would like to return it since we don’t have a current need for it. If its yours, send an email to  Thanks!

Also, I want to give you a better sense of what your money is being used for when you make a donation to help Joshua. I’m sure some will be used for medication or doctor bills, but the bulk of the money is being used for his food costs to support his juicing. Just for him, (not including my mom), our estimate would be that they spend easily $800 a month, and that primarily covers just the produce being used to juice. Some of you may have seen a picture of my mom’s fridge and fruit platter that gets filled each week after grocery shopping. Its unbelievable. We are so grateful for your generous and faithful giving, as we feel the juicing has literally transformed the way he feels and the energy he has. He told me the other day that he can tell more of a difference if he hasn’t had his juice than if he hasn’t had his pain pills. Josh looks amazing! He’s lost over 50 pounds, and although we are really hoping that he plateaus here soon before his weight gets too low, he is doing extremely well.

Well, I will try to update more at another time, and I know Josh is in the midst of drafting an update about this whole experience  for him . But for now, I’ve got to get my bootie in bed. Morning is coming early!

New Year...New Doctor...New Schedules...New goals


  1. Our prayers continue for you Josh, but also your whole family. Without family and our Heavenly Father where would we be. I had to have fusion of C5-6-7 on the 22nd of Dec., and low and behold Larry had a heart attack on the 28th. He had two stents put in and on the 28th needs one more. I could do nothing to help him. My family took over completely. God was really watching over us. Larry thought he was having sympathy pains for me so I finally told him to call the Dr cause it wasn’t going away. His appt was for 4 PM I called and talked to the nurse, told her his symptoms and she said get to the hospital. If we had waited he would have died. His heart attack was not like a man usually has. I told him later that it was his feminine side coming out. Kristi be comforted that only one set of footprints are in the sand, and until we are strong enough our Heavenly Father will carry us through all of this.

  2. Thank you Carol, I’m so sorry to hear about Larry’s incident piled on top of a very heavy load already and as you’ve so rightly shared…there was no coincidence in the trial that God allowed to be added on. It is so obvious Who was in control. Wow!!! And yet you must have felt very helpless And shocked. Thankfully not so helpless that you couldn’t advise him to go in right away. He used you well in your weakness, didn’t He? While I know you both have some difficulties yet to face as you both recoup, I’m thankful for your faith which is obviously sustaining you. Just know that we are praying for you both also. Yes, we are being carried, there is no doubt…How does God keep us all from spilling over onto the sand? Big, Big arms. 🙂 Love to you both, Kristi

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