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Casteel Christmas 2011

Quiet but Thankful Christmas Eve


  1. Kristi, look at you and your cute family. I have thought about you a hundred times since our good times on 4th North. I visited with Kathy on the phone last week and she told me about your life and your husband and son. I am so sorry to hear about all you hard stuff. It also sounds like you have been blessed in your praying. Life is certainly interesting isn’t it? I think back on the fun times we had as roommates. Steve and I are preparing to go to Hungary in two weeks for an 18 month mission. We will be teaching English and Steve will teach German in the town of Saporon on the Austria border. We will both teach music. We will add our prayers to yours for you Josh. I am so glad to find you again. Love, Shauna

  2. Hey Josh and family,
    It was so good to see you after Christmas and wonderful to meet your mother. Love the photo of your family.
    I am so glad to read the updates and hear how you’re doing. I know about chemo side effects–it’s good to know the meds are working but … When you get to other side, though, it’s all worth it, for sure.
    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I think about you often and am so excited that you are going to start teaching soon. I know you will be fabulous. Having some (much more modest) experience at teaching writing, I know how rewarding it is.
    So hang in there, kiddo, and know that I am available if you need anything. I am having trouble getting the meal plan/contribution pages to load–it may be just my computer, but I thought I’d let you know just in case.
    Best regards, Melinda Tomsic

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