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  • "If I am bound to the belief that God is in control of the cosmos, and miracles can and do happen, then there is no 'hypothetical situation' wherein God's ability to perform miracles through the faithful actions of the merciful ceases to be a possibility."

    Joshua's above words continue to resonate with us, his family, friends and acquaintances seeking to live out that same belief. Though he is no longer with us bodily, we strive to faithfully remember and testify to Joshua's witness among us, through the establishment of The Joshua Casteel Foundation and other initiatives on which we will continue to provide update through this website. Thank you for joining us.

    "The just man, though he die early, shall be at rest." (Wisdom 4:7)

    Joshua was diagnosed in early November 2011 with stage IV lung cancer (adenocarcinoma), which ultimately took his life on August 25, 2012 at the age of 32. The many of us who survive and love him will continue to pursue the heavenly justice to which Joshua (in life, and now in death) testified.

Never a dull moment!!!

I wanted to drop a line or two about Joshua’s physical condition right now and what we all can pray for. Also to let you know what he’s up to, besides sleeping his life away. (side effect from Decadron withdrawal).

Before I do that, however, I want to add our thanks to Bobby, MaryAnn and Dave Snyder, and Kim for all their hard work in bringing the benefit concert to life. It was not only inspirational, Bobby was great, but a lot of fun with the raffle tickets and prizes. I think everyone who attended would say the same thing. Thank you all for your support in coming and giving.

Also, we want to thank Hannah Ilten, Jeff Tomsic,
Erin Gullickson, and Katie Coates for all their hard work in putting together the on-line auction and the weekend get togethers as fund raisers. You are all such loyal friends and so creative in your ideas. We continue to be so encouraged because of all of you. Even in the midst of some very hard days and bumps in the road. The withdrawal from Decadron has not been a fun experience. Poor guy could hardly stay awake and it took awhile to figure out what was going on. He’s a little better now, and yesterday was put on Hydro cortisone to jumpstart his adrenals and then will wean off of that. And if that is not enough, out of the blue came intense hip and groin pain. He had to use his golf club as a cane to get around for awhile. I know…we should have taken a picture of that one. He would fit right in if he was in England. But today he had a physical therapy session with a group at the hospital that deals with trauma patients and they were able to give him a shot in the bootie which has given him some very welcomed relief. Enough so we can drive to Des Moines tomorrow where he will receive an award along with a Bishop for his work in the field of peace and justice. Evidently it is given yearly and he is the youngest man to ever be awarded this particular award. We’re very proud of him. Please pray he feels good enough to go and to give his short speech. I’m sure God will give him the grace to do so. I’m going to try to remember the camera!!

Then we drive back Sunday to pack up the car for our weekly trip to Chicago for his class. So, this will be a potentially very tiring week. Please pray for him. He’s also getting an MRI on Wed. to make sure that the pain in his hip has nothing to do with the cancer, as he had something show up on one of his first PET scans. Dr. Wilbur just wants to make sure…and so do we, of course. We are very pleased with her as our oncologist. She is very open to our thoughts and questions and really tries to listen to our desires and come up with her best suggested treatment. We just found out at this last appt. that her sister and father both have cancer. So she understands what we are going through and I’m sure that adds to her desire to do all she can and the genuine compassion she exhibits. We’re so thankful that God led us to her.

Juicing is getting harder, as Joshua hasn’t been able to help lately and it is very time consuming. We’ve been getting one round a day now for a few weeks. We try to make more at that one daily dose, but there are just so many hours a day and there are so many things to do. His appointment schedule is enough to make a healthy person worn out and we’re worn out before we even start. Good sleep is a rare commodity around here. We’re both going to have sleep studies done to test for sleep apnea. Anything to help sleep more productively. And we’re hoping the hydrocortisone will help boost those adrenals and get him feeling a little more energy.

Well, that’s the latest. Hope you are all doing well. We think of you and pray for you all in our nightly prayers together frequently. This has been a very precious time together that I think we both will always look back on as a real gift.

Love to you all,
Joshua and Kristi

April 2, 2012 - 10:10 AM

Rodger Routh - The eveing of the Bishop Dingman Peace Awards was wonderful. Joshua you are the perfect choice for this years recipient, and your personal sharing was spell binding. We are all so very greatful that you and your wonderful mother were able to attend. I will be posting your talk soon so everyone can hear your remarkable journey. Bless to you and Kristi as you continue down this path.

April 6, 2012 - 11:00 AM

Rodger Routh -

check this video out of Joshua’s talk in Des Moines in his acceptances of the Bishop Dingman Peace Award.
Here is the Bishop Gumbleton talk as well.

NYC – Event this Sunday!

Dear Friends in and around NYC-

On Sunday, April 1st from 4-7pm we will be hosting an afternoon celebration and fundraiser in honor of Joshua at the Black Rabbit in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

Over the next couple weeks in Iowa and Chicago, friends and supporters of Josh and his family are hosting events within their communities and online to raise money that will help cover the considerable expenses related to his treatment. We in NYC want to do our part and thought a wonderful way to honor josh and show our support would be a celebration of spring and old friends.  The Black Rabbit has food, drinks, and a wonderful patio that we may enjoy if weather permits.  Donations are encouraged, and we will enter you into a raffle pool for some fun prizes! We encourage you to bring friends and spread the word-please email Hannah ( with any questions and if you plan to attend so we may gauge expected attendance.
Many thanks, Hannah (ilten) Robertson and Jeff Tomsic

In depth interview about cancer, faith and diet.

This interview is about 30 minutes long and gives a good picture of the juicing process Joshua goes through. He juices twice a day and it takes him 2 hours each time. But its keeping him alive! This gives more insight into the spiritual journey that Joshua has been on, what the diagnosis and care has been like, the role that juicing is playing in his fight, and other topics too. Thank you to Roger Routh, for putting this video together. I think it gives people a connection to Joshua and his journey that they otherwise might not ever get. We’re so appreciative. Enjoy!

Auction 0pen

Online Auction now open!

Joshua’s online auction fundraiser is now OPEN and will close at 9pm on Saturday, April 7th! Items can be shipped, so anyone can participate, regardless of location!

To participate, visit:

Happy bidding!