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We’re Still Alive…Just Very Busy!!!

Hello Everyone…Yes, Joshua and I are still alive and kicking but our lives have taken on a very new dimension of busyness since we added in weekly trips to Chicago for him to teach his class. We have gone twice now. The first time he and I went alone, me driving, of course. And he sat and reclined the whole way there and back. But it was right after his headache episode, which turned out to be much more. By the time we got back on Wednesday (we stayed an extra day because I was literally falling asleep at the wheel while driving between Chicago and Oak Brook where we were staying…not enough sleep), Joshua was in excruciating pain and we ended up in the ER again only to find out his T-1 vertebrae that had collapsed after his seizure had collapsed more. The good news is that a friend (Dr. Mike Brooks ) advised us that it most likely was going to happen at some future point anyways and it was probably in a stronger condition as a result. However, it did make for a stressful and difficult trip for both of us and I soon realized that handling all of the details of packing and unpacking the car, juicing while in our hotel, making sure we had all the correct medications on schedule, taking care of Joshua, and driving etc. (you get the idea) was just going to be more than I could take on weekly on top of everything we have going on at home on a day to day basis. So Naomi went with us the 2nd week. We haven’t decided for sure yet whether it’s a 2 woman job, or if she will take over the job. If they can get the arrangements for kids worked out on a consistent basis, it will work for her. It’s somewhat of a get-a-way from her normal routine with kids and home, but it is still a big responsibility to put in every week, even with me getting everything ready to go and helping to pack and unpack the car etc. Joshua has to now lay down in the back of the car because of the stress on his back. He is really enjoying the teaching though, so we are going to do whatever it takes to make this happen for him, especially since we feel it was a definite ‘gift’ from God given to him less than 1 week before his diagnosis. It feels very providential and it is certainly giving him something to look forward to and feel good about as he is giving everything else he has in him to fight this terrible disease. He does a lot of his own juicing now and that is keeping him even more busy fighting.

He has such a ‘grace given’ attitude. God has and is using this extremely difficult circumstance to work deeply in his heart and soul. He is so thankful for it, because he’s very much aware of that and feels God’s presence in a very strong way as well as his Dad’s…a real communion with the suffering he went through. He will tell you more about what he feels God is teaching him and is leading him towards when he gets a chance and the energy to write himself.

One prayer request is that he was recently put on a bone strengthener which oddly enough lowers your calcium levels. While the doctors feel his seizure was induced by low calcium, It is a risk/benefit decision (which I’m not certain about yet) to work on strengthening his spine while keeping a weekly watch on his calcium levels. I asked for a calcium level check before we leave Monday morning for Chicago just to insure we’re not leaving with him in jeopardy again. If it is low they will have to supplement him by IV which will take some time. He is giving a reading Monday night before his class of one of his essays and so we have to be there earlier than normal. Please pray that his levels will be ok and that all the arrangements and timing will work out. For me this new treatment is somewhat frustrating as I was doing so much better in terms of concern about seizures…Always something more to learn to put into God’s hands!!!

The reading is also going to be a kind of fund raiser for him (Columbia College asked permission to make it into that which is very kind and thoughtful of them). He will also get paid for the reading and has been given several copies of his book and readings to have available for sale at the reading. This is all a real morale booster for him. So God continues to bless us through so many of you and always in unexpected ways. We are very thankful. And hopefully as we get this routine of travel and home duties down we will have a little more time for updates. Also, just so you know, Joshua will have another PET Scan near the end of this month so we will find out how the medicine is working and what the cancer is doing…hopefully dying!!! So you can count on a report about that.

Our love and prayers go out to you all,
Kristi, Joshua and family

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  1. A short PS.

    Most of you may know, but Joshua is 64lbs. lighter than the picture above…we’re adjusting his diet to make sure that he maintains or hopefully gains a few lbs. back. This is turning out to be a lot harder than we thought it would be, so please pray that we can figure this important element out without compromising what he feels is necessary to battle the cancer well on a nutritional level. Thanks, Kristi

  2. Hey Josh,
    Wanted to tell you I just read your essay Call of Duty online. Powerful stuff. You are so talented and so brave. My thoughts are with you. Melinda

  3. Dear Friends,

    Who would ever have imagined the paths our lives would take. My heart is so sad for the situation with your health Josh and Kristi; what an amazing mother you are. My prayers are for health, peace and comfort.
    And remember>>>>Christ + Nothing = Everything

    All the Best to You,

    Diana Drummer (Travnicek)

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