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Week’s Lesson…Stay Flexible!!!

Well, this am. I got a call from Dr. Seigal’s office letting us know that Joshua’s surgery time has been changed again. (I heard Dr. Seigal is very very busy and if I were him I’d rather be out to dinner with my wife than in the operating room anyday).

So the new time is now still Friday (thank heavens) but at 2:00. We check in at noon, which means less wait time so I guess that’s good. And Joshua isn’t unhappy about it being earlier at all. So we’re counting it as a blessing. Just thought we’d let you know!!

If we get a call telling us to come in today, you’ll probably hear from us after it’s all over and done!!! 🙂

Sending our love to you,
Kristi and Joshua

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Change in Surgery Date

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