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Ups and Downs…Such is Life!!

Just a quick note to let you all know both the ups and downs of our last 2 weeks.  We’ll start with the ups.  Since Joshua developed this hip/groin/leg pain that can be severe at times, we’ve had to pray for miracles to allow him to do the things that are important to do.  Saturday night in Des Moines, I mentioned that he was awarded the Bishop Dingman Award for his work towards Peace and Justice.  Bishop Gumbleton also spoke and it was very interesting and their talks complimented each other so well.  Joshua was in a fair amount of pain, even after his shot of pain killer, but he was able to talk for 45 min.-an hour.  He did a great job, and it was a real honor for both of us to see him receive this very important award.  He was very humbled.  The people were so warm and welcoming and they were very generous in giving us a gift as a donation at the conclusion of the evening.  What a great group of committed people.


Then we came home only to pack up the car to go to Chicago on Monday morning for his class.  We made it fine, but he was extremely tired after the class and felt he didn’t have what he needed physically and mentally to teach the way he would have liked.  He was tired and disappointed to some degree and slept the entire trip home.  Since then it has been a downhill slide  concerning his hip and leg.  We go to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation tomorrow and we are praying that they can come up with some answers as to what may be causing the pain.  His MRI showed the same spot that was on his hip from the beginning, but it shows no significant change.  However, they did say he strained his left glut muscle but it is the right side that hurts.  So hopefully that piece of the puzzle will be figured out tomorrow.  Please pray for the doctors wisdom to look in the right direction for answers.

We are really hoping we can go to Mass on Sunday.  Right now his pain is too great to think of sitting in the pews, hard as they are, and definitely no kneeling, standing and sitting.  We’ll be very disappointed if we’re unable to go.

Since I am doing the juicing, there are a lot of things that just can’t get done.  One is cleaning the house.  I keep it fairly orderly but it hadn’t been really cleaned for weeks.  Today a very good friend came over and cleaned the whole house…minus Joshua’s room.  (he was asleep)  Oh what a blessing.  Not only did it relieve a big burden but it feels so nice to see things fresh and clean.  What a morale booster.  Thank you SO much Micaela.  I love you.

Also, I’m realizing that I am not going to be able to mow my lawn regularly this Spring and Summer, because of the added extra duties with juicing, cooking, more appointments etc.  If there is anyone out there who would like to earn a little extra money please contact me.  I have a nice riding mower that can be used.  That will take a HUGE  burden off my shoulders.

Last, but not least, a very good friend of mine just found out that she has breast cancer.  Supposedly it is the good kind that is not pervasive and she is a candidate for a lumpectomy.  She will have radiation as well as a back-up measure.  This is a shock and of course frightening as it enters her into the unknown.  Please pray for her.  I haven’t asked permission to give her name out yet, so if you could just pray for my friend I’d appreciate it.  Thanks so much.  There’s just way too much cancer in this world.

Again thank you to everyone that continues to give and help out. We are so thankful to God for each one of you.

God Bless and Happy Easter…He is Risen!!!

Kristi and Joshua

PS.  The auction is almost over and it went great.  Thanks so much ‘girls’!  🙂


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