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Trip #4…And counting (Without Naomi :-(

Just a quick note (really) to let you know we are off to Chicago for the fourth time tomorrow, but without Naomi. Now that means, less fun of course, and Mom driving. So the big Prayer Request is that I will be wide awake and alert. We all know driving long distances is not my strong suit…but if that is what has to be I’m believing God will do yet another miracle and get us there and back safe and sound and without too much suffering. That means sleep, so I am going to cut this short and go to bed. Joshua is doing well and of course really looking forward to his class.

Thanks for your prayers,
Kristi and Joshua

Short update....then Joshua's...finally!
Pics from the life of Joshua

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  1. I am so pleased to hear of your progress.I continue to pray for you.He has substantially healed me,and I know that miracles happen.I knew from the start that you were a special one.L pray for your wonderful family,too.God willhold you in his hands.”Have no anxiety about anything,but in everything,but with prayer and thanks giving,make yourpetition known unto God.
    Phi. 4:6

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