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Short update….then Joshua’s…finally!

Hello to everyone who’s on this journey with us!

If you’re reading this we thank you because that means you’re still on the path and caring by staying in touch. It seems like awhile since I’ve written…so much happens in a week or two. Our weeks seem rather short as we have the first two days filled with travel to and from Chicago, as you know, for Joshua’s class. It is fun, hard work, very rewarding for Joshua, and a great time for the three of us to spend together on a scheduled plan. (If only Rebekah and Mark lived closer). It actually takes all three of us a day to unpack, recoup, and regroup for the rest of the week, but we have no doubts that it’s the right thing to do at this point for his emotional and mental health. So far, no more casualties, and the drives have gone pretty well. Pray they will continue to. Driving always adds a ‘little’ anxiety as Joshua’s spine would not handle even a mild accident well. We’re trusting that God has His angels all around our car there and back. We’ve got the routine down to a science now, so we can zoom in and out without much hassle. We each know our parts. (Joshua’s is to rest or sleep in the back), Naomi’s to drive, and mine to juice and make sure he has all his meds, remembers to take them etc. And then his to teach of course while we grab dinner, and then it’s back to the hotel to sleep and be ready to drive back the next day.

Joshua had his PET scan yesterday, and we’re expecting and praying for a positive report. He’s feeling so much better and is doing so much more. He drives himself short distances now…to mass, to his blood draw, to the store etc. That has given him a whole new feeling of freedom. He gets up very early every morning and has his routine of juicing while listening to some spiritual or interesting intellectual podcast or book he’s downloaded, prays, works on his very soar fingers, and sometimes goes back to bed for a nap but usually not. In Joshua fashion, he is already filling up his life with activities and plans that help him feel like he’s doing something meaningful and beneficial. Besides his usual Dr. appts. , massages, blood draws, etc. he will start meeting with our Parish Priest for spiritual direction. He also is attending Latin Mass a few times a week and hopes to get trained in being and acolyte for those masses, something he has always wanted to do. He’s meeting with Naomi’s husband, Travis, for breakfast on a regular basis, something fun and helpful for both of them and is vowing that he will begin to write a little bit each day…’his’ journal entry being the first on his list. This is all in addition to his juicing routine which takes 3-5 hrs. a day when you count clean-up etc. (he has a very distinct way of doing it all, so I let him handle that on his own unless he’s tired or wants a break). And then our 2-3 shopping trips to the grocery store each week for fresh produce. We’re discussing how much is too much…an ongoing discussion…so he can heal faster. I’m trying to get him to take naps more often or relax and read or watch some sports to get off his feet. He’s a hard guy to keep down, as you probably know, if you know him very well at all. Especially now, since for the most part, he feels so much better.

Believe it or not I’m still working through a lot of his paperwork dealing with his finances and school loans, social security benefits etc. All the things I have had to learn to deal with, but actually dislike immensely…I refrained from saying ‘hate’ so I won’t have such a bad attitude about how long and complicated some of it can get. And we’re still trying to find a place and time to get all of his things from a friends’ warehouse, go through it and find another place to store it where the books will be safe from mildew. He probably has 60 boxes of books alone and many boxes of clothes that no longer fit him. These are all doable activities but finding the time to tackle them is not quite as easy. If my basement was more organized, which was a task I was just about to tackle when all of this happened, we could put things down there, but that has to come first. So, we have our work cut out for us, and to be honest, at this juncture it feels like a mountain to climb over. But we will get there, one step at a time I’m sure, and the important thing is that Joshua is feeling so much better and that he is getting better in actuality. Please continue to pray for ongoing healing. He has a strong sense that he has much more to do before he’s done on this side of heaven and of course Mom and sisters all concur…And we’re believing you are believing and praying to this end as well.

As soon as we hear about the PET scan we will post the news. Depending on the results, we will consider what other potential therapies might be beneficial for him. We just need to know how the Tarceva and the Diet is doing in terms of fighting the cancer first. Also, our good friend has designed T-shirts for Team Joshua so I’m sure Naomi will let you know about that soon.

Not so short (as usual), but that’s hard when it’s been awhile. We love hearing from you,

Love and our prayers to you all,
Kristi and Joshua,

Chicago: Fundraising
Trip #4...And counting (Without Naomi :-(

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