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One down…one to go! (important appts. that is)

Wanted to pass on that we went to the cardiologist today and Joshua had an echocardiogram to make sure everything was ok in that department. (his heart was racing at a former appt.) Even tho the we haven’t gotten the official report the tech said she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary that she needed to report. So that is good news. One less thing to be concerned about, especially if we do elect to have surgery.

That appt. is tomorrow with the surgeon, and I have a list of questions for him. I’m actually more nervous about this appt. than I thought I would be. I guess I never planned on surgery and that’s new territory. So, please pray that I will sense God’s presence and control of all the circumstances. And especially for wisdom for both of us in choosing the right option. Joshua is not nervous, which is not unusual. He rarely gets nervous prior to appts., procedures etc. Wait to deal with things when they are put in front of you and not before is his philosophy. Very practical and wise. The ‘Mom’ in me fights that for sure.

Thanks again for the recent comments of support and for your ‘surprise visit’ Fr. Dave. It is all so important to us and helpful in staying hopeful and strong.

We’ll give another report after his appt. tomorrow.

We love you all,

Kristi and Joshua

Surgery...and hopefully relief and healing!

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