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Just a quick update from the Casteels

Hello Everyone! With the concert coming within the day, I wanted to let people know ahead of time that as much as Josh would like to sing one song for all of you, and that was his hope at one time (after the many years of singing in that very theatre at his alma mater) he’s just currently not feeling strong enough to do so. Its hard to say whether he is dealing with Decadron withdrawal (which can suppress your adrenal system for a long time), another medication side effect, or merely the ups and downs of his body fighting cancer, he’s currently experiencing some extreme fatigue. But it should be a great night with everything else and we look forward to seeing those that can make it. And we will definitely try to post all or part of the concert for others who can not be here. Love to you all, Naomi

Joshua singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness"
Benefit Concert Saturday!!!

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