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Change in Surgery Date

Just wanted to let everyone know that there’s been a change in the date of Joshua’s surgery. Instead of Thursday at 5, it will be Friday at 5-ish. The Dr. had a conflict in schedule. So everything else is the same…we’ll check into Mercy Hospital at 1:00 and have the afternoon to get him prepped, blood work etc. So just one additional day to put up with the pain before what we hope and pray to be relief. Again, thanks for your prayers!

Love to all,
Kristi and Joshua

Week's Lesson...Stay Flexible!!!
Surgery...and hopefully relief and healing!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, Kristi. We are praying fervently here in Princeton every day. We are praying for a successful surgery on Friday, for comfort and pain relief for Joshua today, and for healing in general. Lord hear our prayer! We love you guys so much and are with you in spirit.

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