Change in Surgery Date

Just wanted to let everyone know that there’s been a change in the date of Joshua’s surgery. Instead of Thursday at 5, it will be Friday at 5-ish. The Dr. had a conflict in schedule. So everything else is the same…we’ll check into Mercy Hospital at 1:00 and have the afternoon to get him prepped, […]

Surgery…and hopefully relief and healing!

Today Joshua and I met with Dr. Seigal, a neurosurgeon, to talk about his latest MRI which showed cancer on his spine in the lumbar region, the source of his most recent pain. Unfortunately by the time we had our appointment he was in a lot of pain. We had been worked into the doctor’s […]

One down…one to go! (important appts. that is)

Wanted to pass on that we went to the cardiologist today and Joshua had an echocardiogram to make sure everything was ok in that department. (his heart was racing at a former appt.) Even tho the we haven’t gotten the official report the tech said she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary that she […]

I wanted to bring over a post I had to put on Caringbridge because this site was not working Sat. night when I wrote this. I know many of you don’t read Caringbridge anymore and this is the first time I have transferred a post so we’ll see how it all pans out. It’s a […]

2nd full round of radiation…FINISHED!!!

Hi Everyone! Its Naomi again. Its been quite a while since I have posted an update, so since I have new photos and video of Josh to upload, I thought it was high time to say a hello! Ever since Joshua stopped teaching and our weekly trips to Chicago were eliminated its become harder and […]

Prayer for pain relief…

I just wanted to ask everyone to keep Joshua in your thoughts and prayers right now because his hip, leg and lower back pain have gotten pretty bad. For the first time in quite awhile we’re back on the pain med Dilaudid. And today the DR. encouraged him to go up on the dosage so […]

Unmentioned Request & Pulmonologist Report

Just a quick report (really) because I have to get up early for an appt. in Ia. City tomorrow.  Today was a day of appointments…massage for Joshua which was great.  Really helped his aching bod…she let up on the pressure and he said he felt better after this one than any of the previous ones. […]

Belated Update…Appointments galore/New hurdles

We’re sorry it’s been awhile since the last update, but with the addition of radiation everyday and then the usual physical therapy, massage, Dr. appts. both in CR and Ia. City VA, along with the usual duties of juicing, trying to find time to catch some short naps, fixing meals, and food shopping to name […]

An unexpected Answer

A new update just to let you know what we found out about Joshua’s hip problem. Rehabilitation didn’t want to deal with it since they didn’t order the MRI so they referred it back to our oncologist who then sent the scans over to the radiologist. They decided that they have to go by the […]

Go Team Josh!

A little solidarity from the men in the family. James was the newest “recruit.” He was so excited to make his video for Uncle Joshy! (the link should take you to the video but I’m having some difficulties linking up to it. So if it doesn’t work know that I am working on a solution!!!)  

He is Risen…Our only hope!!!

Happy Easter Everyone…We hope yours was a blessed reminder of the Hope we have in this life and the next because Jesus conquered death. And our hope is also that by conquering death he conquered life and all that might come at us. He is not only in control (sovereign) but with us through it […]

Ups and Downs…Such is Life!!

Just a quick note to let you all know both the ups and downs of our last 2 weeks.  We’ll start with the ups.  Since Joshua developed this hip/groin/leg pain that can be severe at times, we’ve had to pray for miracles to allow him to do the things that are important to do.  Saturday […]

NEW Auction Items!!

We have a couple new auction items available. Stop by each day and see whats new!

Never a dull moment!!!

I wanted to drop a line or two about Joshua’s physical condition right now and what we all can pray for. Also to let you know what he’s up to, besides sleeping his life away. (side effect from Decadron withdrawal). Before I do that, however, I want to add our thanks to Bobby, MaryAnn and […]

NYC – Event this Sunday!

Dear Friends in and around NYC- On Sunday, April 1st from 4-7pm we will be hosting an afternoon celebration and fundraiser in honor of Joshua at the Black Rabbit in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Over the next couple weeks in Iowa and Chicago, friends and supporters of Josh and his family are hosting events within their communities […]

In depth interview about cancer, faith and diet.

This interview is about 30 minutes long and gives a good picture of the juicing process Joshua goes through. He juices twice a day and it takes him 2 hours each time. But its keeping him alive! This gives more insight into the spiritual journey that Joshua has been on, what the diagnosis and care […]

Auction 0pen

Online Auction now open! Joshua’s online auction fundraiser is now OPEN and will close at 9pm on Saturday, April 7th! Items can be shipped, so anyone can participate, regardless of location! To participate, visit: Happy bidding!

Joshua singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

I mentioned in an earlier post that Josh would not be singing at his fund raiser. Well, in the hours and minutes before the concert I was able to successfully pull the audio from our wedding video, which has Joshua singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” It ended up working and was a perfect way to […]

Just a quick update from the Casteels

Hello Everyone! With the concert coming within the day, I wanted to let people know ahead of time that as much as Josh would like to sing one song for all of you, and that was his hope at one time (after the many years of singing in that very theatre at his alma mater) […]

Benefit Concert Saturday!!!

And we can’t forget the upcoming concert THIS Saturday at Washington Hish School! Bobby is great, from what I hear, and I am looking forwad to hearing him! He opens for Mercy Me during the summer as well. Please come, enjoy the music, mingle, win some prizes…and get to hear Joshua sing a song as […]