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Benefit Concert Saturday!!!

And we can’t forget the upcoming concert THIS Saturday at Washington Hish School! Bobby is great, from what I hear, and I am looking forwad to hearing him! He opens for Mercy Me during the summer as well. Please come, enjoy the music, mingle, win some prizes…and get to hear Joshua sing a song as well! Thank you to Bobby, MaryAnn, Dave, Washington HS, those of you that have helped publicize this, and anyone else who is helping to pull this together!

It is a full month of fund raising efforts, of which we are extremely grateful! It is true when Joshua says, “I wouldn’t be able to fight the cancer without the help of others!” You truly are helping to keep Joshua alive! Medication can only help to a certain degree. Obviously he is responding to the Tarceva well, but if we were to fight this cancer with just the medication it is likely that his system would develop a tolerance at some point to the medication, and the cancer would begin gaining ground in his body. That is typically how this form of cancer takes lives. His organic juicing and new diet completely changes his internal environment so that his body has every available resource it needs to go above and beyond what medication alone would be able to accomplish. I believe nutrition is as much a cause of the absence of cancer in Joshua’s body, if not a greater cause! And Josh is committed! I am very proud of him!

So, we look look forward to enjoying good music and amazing company with so many of you this up coming weekend! And to those of you far away or unable to be there, we feel the love and support even though we will probably never have the chance to personally thank each one of you. And if Joshua sings a song on Saturday, I will do my best to post a video here!

Just a quick update from the Casteels
Online Auction!!! (the link is in the comments)

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  1. I attended the benefit on saturday night. I came after being invited by a friend, and
    didn’t really know much about Josh. Only that it was a worthy cause. I have since learned much more. He is a hero – his own hardships and also his contributions to the anti-war movement,which I endorse as well. If there are any upsides to this situation perhaps they might be that others can learn now that “War is a racket” and those who actually do the dirty work are used and trampled on by those that actually plan these wars. This kind of teaching can change the world.
    And…I loved my apple pie from Perkins!

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