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Belated Update…Appointments galore/New hurdles

We’re sorry it’s been awhile since the last update, but with the addition of radiation everyday and then the usual physical therapy, massage, Dr. appts. both in CR and Ia. City VA, along with the usual duties of juicing, trying to find time to catch some short naps, fixing meals, and food shopping to name a few we stay rather busy. But then, you already know that, I’m sure. But we do feel bad when we can’t get to the computer to keep everyone updated though.

Radiation is going well, but I have to say that there are new ‘physical pains’ entering into the picture all the time. Tonight he started aching all over, not just his hip and legs, and we’re not sure what to attribute that to…rehab, the radiation, lack of sleep last night. He was getting more jerking which would wake him up. This is supposed to be from the meds he’s on. It’s always a guessing game as to what is going on, even for the doctors it seems. This is all wearing on him and making it hard to keep holding on to the sense that we both had from the beginning that God has clear intentions to bring him through this in a fashion where he can still work and move forward on his plans and dreams. The climb feels very long right now, but I know this is normal for long physical battles. There are times of discouragement and we have to hang on and wait for God to pull us through those times. So please pray for him.  We have men’s group from church (the one Rick started which makes it even more special to Joshua) and that is a real encouragement to him every week.

And we have so much to be thankful for. Friends are handling mowing our yard…yea!! And have been helping on other outside projects, helping to fix my riding mower, trimming back my flower beds which were in dire need etc. (thanks LD and Dave Coates…such selflessness) Cards and gifts have continued to come in which totally amazes us. Many of you are sticking with us on this journey and it is such a lifeline for us to keep going, especially in times of discouragement. Joshua would like to answer each card, text, letter, etc. but he just doesn’t have the time nor the emotional energy right now with the level of pain he is still in. Fighting the cancer takes most everything he’s got in him. So please know that we still pray for you at night and thank God for your participation in our lives and pray His blessing on you all.

Oh, he ordered a real cane on line, so the putter will be a thing of the past soon. I still think it made a cool cane, but it bowed some and he didn’t feel it was the safest. He will probably be using a cane for some time to come until his hip heals. Sometimes I look at his new thin stature, walking with a cane and think about all the working out he loved doing, walking all over Chicago, playing an occasional soccer game etc. and I feel so bad for him. And then I have to bring myself back to what is…reality as we know it now and remind myself that God knows what He is doing in his life and it is for ‘good’, better than if he had all those things back in his life right now. The day may come, but for now He is doing something far more important…obviously, and that is what is true. I feel myself doing better in accepting where we are, not quite as anxious, and able to take full advantage of being able to ‘serve’ him while I can. I want no regrets, and I realize this is all as much for me as for him. I’ve had 2 sessions with a therapist who is doing a technique called EMDR that I believe is helping with the anxiety. Or at least I can see that it may have a good potential of doing so. So I am thankful I was told about her.

Well, I think that is about it. It was great to hear from one of his students. (Thanks Maddison) It’s nice to be missed. He definitely misses being there with all of you as well.

Blessings to all,
Kristi and Joshua

PS. Thanks again to Hannah, Erin, Katie, Bobby, Mary Ann, Kim and anyone else who worked on fundraisers. They were fun and a huge success.

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  1. Glad to hear your working on self care Kristi.
    I think of Joshua daily and am sending prayers your way. The talk you gave in Ankeny as you recieved the Dingman Peace Award is being shown to all students in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines grades 7 thru 12. Bishop Pate who came to listen to you Joshua sent an email out encouraging this! Your wisdom continues to spread. Blessings to you my friend.

  2. Thanks, Kristi, for the update. I really appreciate it. Our prayers continue to flow from Princeton too. Augie did one of his “healing prayers” for Joshua tonight before bed (the one where he puts his hands out and fervently blows air out of his mouth). 🙂 Love from our family to yours.

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