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Still smiling through it all! We love you, Joshua and the Casteel family. - Chad

No More Pain
Prayers for Joshua


  1. Kristi, thanks for writing this. After Matthew died, I felt the same way about God; but I can’t say that I have forgiven God for taking Matthew and healing him in Heaven; my prayer was for here on earth. I am still struggling with that — Yes, I know all the facts in my head; but my heart still misses Matthew terribly and God hasn’t taken that from me yet (4 yrs down the road now). I have offered it to Him many times; but the hurt is still there and I wonder why Matthew was only with us for 24 yrs. No answer has come and I don’t think there will be. My faith is not what it once was — but I still believe in God and His Glory — but I haven’t seen it manifested in my life or the lives around me.

  2. Hi Joshua,

    Our family is praying for a miracle for you and your family. Stay strong in the Lord…we pray for rest and strength for you all.

    With much love,

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