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Update: Friday the 16th

Here I am, sitting in a dark room, computer on silence, listening to a cancer relaxation CD. I think its entirely possible it is putting me to sleep faster than it is Joshua! Oh the joys of being a mother…constantly sleep deprived, as many of you know and are experiencing also.  Okay, back to the issue at hand, Josh ended his second full week of radiation today. Only two days left of his 14 day treatment course, and on Tuesday he will walk out and ring the bell by the waiting room so that everyone waiting for their radiation can cheer and give him a round of applause. =) Its a fun little tradition to celebrate the end of treatment!

Overall, Josh is doing really well. He is up, juicing his own juice mixtures and taking care of all his own personal care. His Dr. clarified for him that although he does have one vertebrae on the verge of collapse, he is not in any risk of instigating the collapse just by basic stretching or movement. Josh would have to fall very hard or lift something heavy. Consequently, he is more relaxed and not moving so tentatively now. And he’s able to do some light stretching to help with muscle soreness and pain. The bed he sleeps in is awesome and I tell him all the time I wish I could take it home with me. It is movable like a hospital bed, but comfortable…super comfortable. It is a bed my mom and dad used to use for my mom’s fibromyalgia and acid reflux. They set up his “bedroom” in a great location, a room right by the front door. He has a bathroom right next to his room and the kitchen also right by him. So, easy access. He still doesn’t go out except for radiation and Dr. appointments because he tires very quickly. Over the past week he’s been dealing with more persistent nausea, but we’re hoping a new med change is positively affecting that.

Visits are still a little tricky, as some days he feels good and can handle a visit, other days he just doesn’t have it in him to interact and is requiring more rest. Please know that Josh SO appreciates all the love and care, and if you are hoping for a visit we just ask people to be flexible if we need to reschedule last minute, and maybe to call right before coming so if he’s sleeping we can begin waking him up. Try to keep visits short (maybe 20-30 minutes). At this point though, written letters are still a wonderful way to express your love and concern for Josh. He needs to continue hearing that people care and written letters not only allow him to read when he has more strength, but to re-read when he needs a reminder of hope. Feel free to do that by snail mail or email and we’ll make sure Josh gets it!

I have to set my update aside and pick it up tonight…sorry its only a partial!


December 18, 2011 - 2:52 AM

Nora Clair - Praying for you all the time Joshua! Lots of love from Princeton.


December 20, 2011 - 6:43 PM

Jeffrey J Weiss - Joshua

We are praying for you here at the Catholic Peace Ministry in Des Moines, Iowa. I survived nine months of chemotherapy and radiation in 2005 for 3rd stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My brother, close your eyes and picture the old ‘pac-man’ game the medicine moving through your body and eating the C-cells….. Fade off to the music brother and let your body relax, we send all our love from Des Moines. We are with you.
Jeffrey J Weiss Director of CPM

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